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Completed Checkrides

It is so rewarding to pass your Checkride for any Certificate or Rating! It is such a culmination of all your efforts. Thinking of completing an oral or flight with a Designated Pilot Examiner can cause a lot of fear in some people.  No worries, we prepare you well!  Our preparation for Checkride begins as soon as you start training.  We teach you about the FAA requirements, how to apply what you learn to real life, and help you be successful for passing your Checkride!

Clouds in Sky

Finding Inspiration in Every Student - The Sky is the Limit

  • Shawn Benson - 11/7/22
I was able to teach our oldest grandson to fly.  I love sowing aviation into our Heritage.  Can you imagine being 17 and being able to enjoy aviation your WHOLE life?  Your son or daughter can too...give us a call to learn more!
Tucker Francis - 06/09/22
College, work, and pilot training DO go hand-in-hand. Tucker had wanted to get his Private Pilot Certificate for a while.  He convinced his dad they should do it together. Tucker also did his start to finish in 8 months! 

Private Pilot 
Jeff Francis - 06/04/22
Jeff was a great example of dedication.  Full time businessman, father, grandfather....and yet got his certificate in 8 months.  Consistency is key!

Private Pilot
Brandon Scott

Brandon Scott - 08/17/22 Private Pilot If we don't quit, we win! Sometimes it takes longer than our busy life desires. Let it go...keep at it. Now he is working on his additional ratings full-time to be an airline pilot!


Cole Barton - 07/10/22 Private Pilot Ever since he was young, he knew he wanted to be an airline pilot! He is saving himself a lot of $$ by getting his Private Pilot before starting aviation college! Look out Dubuque Aviation - here he comes!

Tucker Francis

Tucker Francis - 06/09/22 Private Pilot College, baseball, work and flight training DO go hand-in-hand! 8 months later, a Certificate in his hand!

Jeff Francis

Jeff Francis - 06/04/22 Private Pilot Busy business owner, dad, grandpa....consistency is the key to how to earn your certificate in 8 months!

Danny Kenworthy

Danny Kenworthy - 08/05/21 Private Pilot Danny started flight training in his Grumman with Heath Johnson, CFI. He had also flown some out of LaCrosse in a 172 before he came to Take Flight to finish his training.  Danny was able to solo and finish his certificate in two months.  He also flies a paraglider!

Ashley Campbell

Ashley Campbell - 06/18/21 Private Pilot Ashley had her Private Pilot shortly after graduating high school. She wants to fly for a commercial operation one day - and in the meantime is working on her ratings to get her CFI and train for Take Flight Aviation!

Connor Treml

Connor Treml - 06/03/21 Private Pilot Connor was EAA Chapter 1365's first Ray Aviation Scholarship Winner! He had gotten a lot of his training by another CFI, and we had the privilege of finishing him up!

Brian Butcher

Brian Butcher - 01/23/21 Private Pilot Brian had come to us with some flight training trickled throughout the years. He was committed to finish up. Brian desires to one day get to his Commercial Certificate and use it in ministry!

Brian Benson

Brian Benson - 12/03/20 Private Pilot This man right here; you have him to thank. Vonda might be in the aircraft as the CFI...but this business would not exist without his support, dedication, and his own hard work. It has been my greatest joy to be his CFI and help him finish up his Private Pilot training. He now is an Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) and trains many students helping them prepare for written tests and oral checkride prep!


Jason Edman - 11/02/20 Private Pilot Jason was in a flying club in Sparta. He had come to us with his private pilot written completed. He finished his certificate in 4 months! We had the opportunity to celebrate his wedding with Sara on 09/09/22!

Jessica Jennings

Jessica Jennings - 09/13/20 Private Pilot Jessica came to me to finish her Private Pilot Certificate.  She moved to Arizona the next week to go to school full-time to obtain her ratings through Airline Transport Pilot!


I know you are looking at these pictures of others who have completed their check rides because you have desired for a long time to fly. Contact us today. We will answer all your questions and support you in your journey to the sky!

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