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Completed Checkrides

It is so rewarding to pass your Checkride for any Certificate or Rating! It is such a culmination of all your efforts. Thinking of completing an oral or flight with a Designated Pilot Examiner can cause a lot of fear in some people.  No worries, we prepare you well!  Our preparation for Checkride begins as soon as you start training.  We teach you about the FAA requirements, how to apply what you learn to real life, and help you be successful for passing your Checkride!

Clouds in Sky

Finding Inspiration in Every Student - The Sky is the Limit

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Ryan Schulz, Private Pilot, 07/30/23

Ryan is heading to Purdue University! Aviation Management here he comes! Ryan has been such a joy to flight train with his positive, can do, patient attitude!

Jeff Foydl, Complex Endorsement, 15 Hour Insurance Requirement, 07/29-31/23

Jeff is now the proud owner of our Arrow II, N121DB! What a beautiful plane! We are so busy flight training, we wanted to see it go to someone who will fly it regularly.  "Danny Boy" we enjoyed flying you!

1FCA5232-F812-46DB-B63B-B67B4927B0B8 3.PNG

Ashley Campbell INSTRUMENT RATED 07/19/23

Brayton Hackbarth, CFII 06/19/23

Ashley has worked with us on both her Private Pilot AND her Instrument Rating! Congratulations on all your work, Ashley!

Brayton is a Certified Flight Instructor.  Vonda helped him add on his Flight Instructor-Instrument!  Congratulations Brayton!

Mikko Pyykkonen, Private Pilot 06/17/23

Congratulations Mikko on completing everything in a year! Mikko is heading to Fox Valley Tech in Oshkosh for his next stop -- A&P Training.  Mikko feels called to be a Missionary Pilot!

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