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Take Flight Aviation offers Discovery Flights, Ground Instruction and Flight Instruction.  

Discovery Flight

Taking a discovery flight is the easiest way to decide if flight training will be for you. You will learn about the basics of a pre-flight, take a 30 minute flight around the area, and receive more information about what it takes to become a private pilot.

Schedule a Discovery Flight today to learn more and take a 30 minute flight!  Pricing is all inclusive and can generally include a total of two people.



Ground Instruction

A requirement for completing your rating includes taking an FAA Written Exam. Take Flight Aviation will help you understand the information needed to pass any of your written exams! Whether you are at the beginning of your rating and need information or you already completed an online ground school - contact us today for the help you need to successfully pass your FAA Written Exam!

Ground Instruction that takes place before/after your flight lessons regarding your maneuvers and feedback is all at this great ground instruction price.




Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 8.23.10 AM.png
Flight Instruction (Hobbs Time)

The FAA has flight requirements that must be met as part of your training.  You are charged the flight instruction rate only when we start the plane based on the "Hobbs" time.  Learning to fly is building a new skill that you will enjoy for a Lifetime and be able to pass on to future generations!



For Flight Reviews, we charge the listed ground/flight instruction cost based upon the plan we put together for you.  We collaborate to develop your Flight Review based upon what areas you would like to build your confidence in and what type of flying you are anticipating doing the next year.


Please contact us to discuss your Flight Review goals and put together the cost estimate.

Aircraft Rental

Cessna 150 G, N8626J, $125/hr wet.


1975 Piper Cherokee, N32906, $110/hr Dry.

Dual G5s, GPS 175, Trutrak Autopilot, Wheelan Wingtip Lights, Updated Interior!




1970 Cherokee 140, N5916U, $100/hr Dry.
Standard six pack, updated interior, great trainer!

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