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There are three main components to getting started on your Flight Training.  

1a.. Obtaining a Medical Certificate. You will contact an FAA approved Medical Examiner to obtain at least a 3rd class medical.  If you are from Central WI, the closest AMEs are: Ashley Anderson, 608-836-1711, 8300 Airport Rd, Middleton; William Scooby, 608-775-6345, 1900 South Ave, Founders Bldg Occupational Health Services, Lacrosse; or Dr. William Blank, 608-788-4889, W5843 Vista Dr, Lacrosse.  If you need an AME from outside this are, here is a website to search for examiners in your area.  Search by State and then scroll through the examiners to find options in your area. You need your medical before you can Solo an airplane.  However, it's best to take care of this step sooner than later., Select Search for an Aviation Medical Examiner, Designee Type:  AME, Location Search: Search by State and then scroll through the options.  

1b. Once the exam is scheduled - you will now create an account on .
is an information guide to help you create your account.  Take your time to review each of the screens and gather all the necessary information they are asking for.  Once you hit submit, you will get a confirmation number.  That is what you will have to call to give to the doctor about a week before your exam.  The Dr. uses that number to access your medical information you submitted.  

2. Sign up                  for Ground School to help you prepare for taking your Written Exam.  We partner with Gold Seal; they have excellent written test prep and general ground training that partners with your flight lessons.  They stand behind their program and even have a money back gaurantee if you do not pass your written test. The main study for your written can be at your pace and in the comfort of your home.  We will work with you to understand some topic areas as you might need.  You can register today for free by clicking here.

3. Start your Flight Training with Take Flight Aviation!

The FAA requirements are for a minimum of 40 hours involving learning certain maneuvers to a certain standard.  As part of your training you also complete some night flying with your instructor, some cross countries with your instructor and then solo, and also complete three take offs and landings at a towered airport.

However, the national average is 70 hours.  How much money should you plan on spending for your Private Pilot?  Anywhere between $10,000-14,000.  It helps if you do complete the written before you start flight training, as well as if you fly 2-3 times a week once you do start the flight training portion. Here is a                     to obtaining a Private Pilot Certificate with us.  Ask us about financing options!

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