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We Are

Take Flight Aviation was established in 2020 by Brian and Vonda Benson. Vonda first became interested in aviation when her husband, Brian, started his flight training in 2017. She went up for a Discovery Flight and from that moment she knew that she loved flying and wanted to help others achieve their aviation goals! Vonda earned her Certified Flight Instructor rating in May of 2020 and her Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument rating in December of 2020.  Heath Johnson earned his Certified Flight Instructor and Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument ratings in Sept of 2020. Vonda partnered with Heath Johnson in Oct 2021 to help train the amazing students we get from everywhere between Soldier's Grove to Fond du Lac!

Vonda and Heath look forward to collaborating with others on their journey to becoming a pilot or their next aviation rating/certificate!  

Flight/Ground Instructors:
Vonda Benson, CFI, CFII, AGI, IGI
Heath Johnson, CFI, CFII, AGI


We Do

Our vision is to help people reach their goals! We offer a variety of services that help students wherever they are in their training. We take students from their first flight through their Checkride. If you are looking for an efficient and affordable flight training, you have come to the right place!
A Student's Smile is why we do what we do.


We Do It

While in training, Vonda read multiple stories of students who’s training had to be placed on hold, or took longer than expected, or would cost a lot of money. It is a common occurrence for students to loose their instructors in the middle of their training resulting in more time and more money needed to finish training. Vonda was immediately committed to obtain her Flight Instructor rating to become a constant for individuals in their flight training to help them save time AND money! 
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